Thursday, November 10, 2011


Pedro Ayala
Wounded Warrior
U.S. Army (retired)
Providence City Goose/Duck Hunt 2010
Welcome to the Patriots and Heroes Outdoors web site.  If you read our introduction, you already know we are the next evolutionary phase of what began as Hunts For Heroes – an idea to put action to the words “Support Our Troops” founded by Billy Hodges, fellow volunteer firefighters, and others in El Campo, Texas.

“Volunteer” is our word of action.  Patriotic Americans volunteering to show their appreciation and support for our all-volunteer armed forces who have put themselves in harm’s way and sacrificed both body and peace of mind in our defense - heroes.  The volunteers of Patriots and Heroes Outdoors are committed to providing opportunities for our defenders and those defended to come together and share their experiences and common love of this country.

This organization is the most satisfying group with which I have ever been associated.  Those who get involved are changed forever.  People hosting events for the first time are taken aback by the humility and positive attitude of our wounded warriors.  The wounded service men and women are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and appreciation shown by their hosts.

During a feral hog hunt near Weimer, Texas last Spring, a wounded Army Strong on his first outing with us said he was uncomfortable accepting the gifts of the hosts (meaning the hunt, lodging and abundance of food) because he was just doing his job when he was wounded.  I explained to him these weren’t gifts but the desire of his hosts to share part of their lives with him as a token of their respect and as thanks for what he does for a living.

Donations are the lifeblood of any non-profit.  Many individuals, businesses, and organizations have supported us.  We thank them all and ask for their continuing support.

Southwest Airlines’ generosity has made it possible for us to extend our reach across the country.  We had over forty separate activities in 2010 involving participants from military locations such as Walter Reed, Quantico, Brook Army Medical Center, and Fort Hood traveling to destinations in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.  We are on the same pace in 2011.  Thank you, Southwest Airlines!

Our expanded efforts include the creation of an informal network of like-minded organizations called the Patriots and Heroes Network.  Through this network, we will share information on available support for our service people and to work together when appropriate to achieve our common goals.

We will keep you up-to-date on activities via future blogs and share the experiences of our honored heroes and the patriots who support them.

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